Recent events: video

A selection of recent events which were recorded and are now available online. All these videos and more are available on the Churchill College YouTube channel.

Celebrating Preservation and Access: Archives Centre 50th anniversary conference, September 2023

Recorded talks from a two-day conference to mark the Archives Centre's 50th anniversary Watch the videos

“National Heritage and Cultural Studies Centre, University of Fort Hare: A Repository of South Africa’s Liberation Struggle History”

A talk by Fort Hare visiting researchers Ayodele Ladukun and Ayabonga Meyi. Watch the video

David Woolner: Churchill and the United States

The second in two discussions looking at major countries that have played a pivotal role in Churchill’s life and legacy. This event from 16 December 2022, with Professor David B Woolner, Senior Fellow and Resident Historian of the Roosevelt Institute, focuses on Churchill's lifelong interaction with his mother’s homeland and explore the realities of the special relationship. Watch the video

Kishan S Rana - Churchill and India: Manipulation or betrayal?

Catch up with this event from 22 November 2022, where the author and former diplomat Kishan S Rana focuses on Churchill’s lifelong interaction with India, from his own experiences of the subcontinent as a young soldier till his impact on the country as Prime Minister. Watch the video

Science in Peace and War: The life and legacy of A V Hill

Symposium held on 16 November 2022 to mark the centenary of the award of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine to the physiologist, A V Hill, with Otto Meyerhof. Watch the video

Memorial Event for Correlli Barnett, 1927-2022

A commemoration of the late Correlli (Bill) Barnett, CBE, Keeper of the Archives from 1977 to 1995. Watch the video

Howard Markel: Rosalind Franklin, James Watson, Francis Crick and the Discovery of DNAs Double Helix

Watch the latest in the Churchill History Lecture Series, from 20 October 2022, on the discovery of DNA. Watch the video

The 2022 Roskill Lecture

Professor Njabulo Ndebele speaking on "Prisons without walls: re-imagining the global community in the time of Covid-19". Watch the video

Keeping and Making Diaries: Historical Sources and Perspectives, March-April 2022

Watch the videos

Davidson Nicol: a man of many careers

An online event on the amazing life and legacy of the polymath and pioneer Professor Davidson Nicol CMG. Watch the video

An Intimate Portrait of Robert Edwards and his IVF Revolution

Learn about this new biography by the physiologist Roger Gosden, in conversation with the archivist who worked on the Edwards papers and Allen Packwood, Director of the Churchill Archives Centre. Watch the video

The Cook, the PM, his wife and their Foodways

Join Annie Gray, author of a recent biography of the Churchills' cook, as she discusses what and how the Churchills ate, and shows us her favourite items from the archives. Watch the video