Copies and research

Price List

Can you do research on my behalf?

We are pleased to offer up to 1 hour of research for free, per researcher, per month. After that we charge £25 per half an hour’s research.

Can I order copies of documents without visiting the Archives Centre?

Yes you can. Please complete the form linked below to do so. The copies will normally be supplied as individual low resolution images, but can be provided in other formats, such as PDF compilations of images, on request. We are currently offering up to one hour of copying for free, per researcher, per month. The amount that can be copied in this time will vary by the complexity and variety in the collection(s) requested. After that we charge 50p per image for orders under 50 images, or £25 per half an hour’s copying for orders over 50 images.

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Can I order copies of documents to be sent to me by email or post?

It is normal practice to supply research copies  as low resolution images to a customer’s email address, but print outs can be supplied by post on request.

Can I copy documents in the reading room?

Yes, you are welcome to take low resolution photographs of documents in the reading room. No flash photography is permitted and no tripods, stands or specialist equipment other than the camera may be used.

Copyright regulations as agreed to in the Researcher Registration should be adhered to.

How do I cite references to your records?

When including a reference to our collections in a footnote or bibliography, you should always follow the referencing style guidance set by your faculty, journal, or publisher. As a minimum we ask that you include the name of the repository (Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge), the name of the collection (e.g. ‘The Papers of Julian Amery’, ‘The Papers of Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee’, ‘The Papers of Baroness Thatcher’), and the full alpha-numerical document reference as provided by our catalogue (e.g. ‘CHAR 1/282/71’ or ‘RTBT 5/2/1, file 4’).

I want to publish a picture of one of your records. What do I need to do?

Get in touch at or T: 01223 336087 and we can supply you with a publication licence and advice on clearing copyright.

I want to quote from something I’ve seen in your records. What do I need to do?

Get in touch at or T: 01223 336087 and we should be able to give advice on clearing copyright.

Do you take credit cards or allow BACS transfers?

Yes. Please ask Archives Centre staff for further information and a link to our online payment system at

Press and media enquiries

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