Guide to holdings


ABRAMS, Mark Alexander (1906-94)

Social Scientist; founder, Research Services Ltd.
Papers on social, political and market research, 1946-94, and on work of the BBC Propaganda Research Unit, 1939-41.

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ACHESON, Professor Roy Malcolm (1921-2003)

Fellow of Churchill College.

ADAM, W B (fl 1918-1983)

Naval Interlude – Memoirs of a midshipman in 1918-19.

ADAMS, Rear-Admiral John Harold (1918-2008)

Papers on anti-submarine and anti-mining warfare, 1948-65

ADDISON, Paul (1943-2020)

Historian; research assistant to Randolph Churchill; Director of Centre of Second World War Studies, 1996-2005.

Family and personal papers, diaries and research notes.

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  • ADSN 14 carton boxes

AGAR, Alan

Papers on the history of the Electron Microscope, 1945-98.

AGNEW, Stair Carnegie (1872-1940)

Company Lawyer.
200 letters, mostly from Russia, 1888-1915.

AITKEN, Jonathan (b.1942)

Correspondence and papers, 1948-99.

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ALBU, Austen Harry (1903-94)

Engineer; Labour MP, 1948-74; Minister of State, Department of Economic Affairs, 1965-7.
Correspondence and papers.

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ALEXANDER OF HILLSBOROUGH, Albert Victor Alexander, 1st Earl (1885-1965)

Labour MP; First Lord of the Admiralty 1929-31, 1940-46.
Political papers 1920-64.

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ALLEN, George Gordon (1891- 1980)

Naval officer and literary assistant to Sir Winston Churchill.
Autobiographical memoir of personal life and naval career and recollections of working for Sir Winston Churchill on the History of the Second World War, advising on naval matters.

ALLIBONE, Thomas Edward (1903-2003)

Physicist. In charge of High-Voltage Laboratory, Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Company, Manchester, 1930-46; Director: Research Laboratory, AEI, Aldermaston, 1946-63; AEI (Woolwich) Ltd, 1948-63; Scientific Adviser, AEI, 1963; Chief Scientist, Central Electricity Generating Board, 1963-70.

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ALLILUYEVA, Svetlana Iosifovna (1926-2011)

Daughter of Joseph Stalin.
Memoirs and correspondence, 1984-2012.


Photographs by J W Almond, 3rd Electrician on RMS Rangitane, of British prisoners, captured by German cruiser Komet, disembarked on Emirau Island in the Bismarck Archipelago, December 1940.

AMERY, Harold Julian, Lord Amery of Lustleigh (1919-1996)

Conservative MP, 1945-66, 1969-92; Financial Secretary, War Office 1957-58; Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office, 1958-60; Secretary of State for Air, 1960-62; Minister of Aviation 1962-64; Minister of Public Building and Works, 1970; Minister for Housing and Construction 1970-72; Minister of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1972-74.
Personal and political papers, c 1900-1997.
Also includes some papers of J.L. Garvin, relating to his biography of Joseph Chamberlain.

AMERY, John (1912-1945)

Film producer.
Personal papers.

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  • AMRY 42 boxes

AMERY, Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett (1873-1955)

Conservative MP, 1911-45; Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1919-21; Parliamentary and Financial Secretary to the Admiralty, 1921-22, First Lord of the Admiralty, 1922-24; Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1924-29; Secretary of State for India and Burma, 1940-45. Personal and political papers, 1858-1975

ARKELL, Lieutenant-Commander J O A, RN

Newspaper cuttings of distinguished naval officers.


Interviews with architects and engineers who worked with or knew Ove Arup.

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ARUP, Sir Ove Nyquist (1895-1988)

Consulting engineer.
Personal and professional papers including housing and shelter projects during the World War II and major post-war engineering projects, 1923-1988.

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ASHBURNER, Dr Michael (1942-2023)

Geneticist, student and Fellow of Churchill College.
Papers and publications on anti-nuclear and disarmament subjects including CND and the Committee of 100 in early 1960’s.

ASHMORE, Vice-Admiral Leslie Haliburton (1893-1974)

Memoirs of service in Royal Navy submarines in Russia during and after the World War I.

ATTLEE, 1st Earl, Clement Richard Attlee (1883-1967)

Leader of the Labour Party 1935-56; Prime Minister 1945-51.
Correspondence with Sir Winston Churchill 1941-5; drafts for his autobiography As It Happened.


BACON, Francis Thomas (1904-92)

Papers on the development of the Fuel Cell, 1940-90.


Copy of a diary kept by Ronald Peel during an expedition to the Libyan Desert led by Brigadier Ralph Bagnold, 1938.

BAGNOLD, Brigadier Ralph Alger (1896-1990)

Explorer, soldier and scientist.
Personal, scientific and military papers, including material on expeditions and research in the Middle East and North Africa, 1924-90, and on the Long Range Desert Group, 1940-1.

  • BGND 10 archive boxes, 188 maps and 16 boxes of negatives
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Member of team at Royal Aircraft Establishment researching axial jet engines, 1940-45.
Paper “The Early Development of the Aircraft Jet Engine”, April 1995.

BAKER, John Fleetwood Baker, Baron (1901-1985)

Professor of Mechanical Sciences at Cambridge, 1943-68.
Papers on engineering, World War II air raid precautions, and the University Grants Committee, 1925-85.

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BALFOUR OF INCHRYE, Harold Harington Balfour, 1st Baron (1897-1988)

Conservative MP, 1929-45, Under-Secretary of State for Air, 1938-44.
Papers, c. 1917-88.

BANKS, Air Commodore Francis Rodwell (1898-1985)

Papers relating to Banks’s career in aviation, including an autobiography I Kept No Diary, 1983.

BARKER, Captain Nicholas John, RN

Personal and naval papers, particularly on service in South Atlantic, 1981-82.

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  • Uncatalogued

BARKER, Paul (1935-2019)

Writer, editor and broadcaster, editor of New Society 1968-86.
Draft articles and lectures, press cuttings and subject files, 1959-2009.

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  • Uncatalogued

BARKER, Sir William (1909-92)

Diplomat. Minister in Moscow, 1960-63; Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, 1966-68; Professor of Russian, University of Liverpool, 1969-76.
Papers on Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, 1964-90.

BARLOW, Professor Harold Everard Monteagle (1899-1989)

Electrical Engineer; Member of Telecommunications Research Establishment, Air Ministry, 1939; Superintendent, Radio Department, RAE, 1943-5; Member of Radar and Signals Advisory Board, Ministry of Supply, 1947.
Papers on development of radar and microwaves.

BARNETT, Correlli (Douglas) (1927-2022)

Author. Vice-President of Eastern Arts Association, 1978-91; President, East Anglian Writers, 1969-88; Member of Council, Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies, 1973-85; Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge, since 1977; and Keeper of the Churchill Archives Centre, 1977-95.
Correspondence with Eric Dorman O’Gowan (former CDS to General Auchinleck) for “The Desert Generals”. Also interview with Lord Attlee and material about special subject taught by Barnett.

BATEY, Mavis Lilian (1921-2013)

Wartime codebreaker and garden campaigner.
Papers on codebreaking at Bletchley Park during World War II, and intelligence history.

BEAMISH, Rear-Admiral Henry Hamilton (1829-1901)

Naval papers.

BEAMISH, Rear-Admiral Tufton Percy Hamilton (1874-1951)

Conservative MP; Assistant to Chief of War Staff, 1912-13; Naval Assistant to 1st Sea Lord, 1914; commanded HMS Invincible, 1914-15, and HMS Cordelia, 1915-17; Admiralty, 1917-19.
Naval and political papers.

BEHRENS, Catherine Betty Abigail (1904-1989)

Historian and Fellow of Newnham College and Clare Hall, Cambridge.
Notes and working papers for lectures, articles and books.

  • Restrictions

BELGION, Harold Montgomery (1892-1973)

Philosopher and journalist.
Papers, diaries and correspondence.


Photographs taken after the liberation of Belsen Concentration Camp, 1945.


Fragment of the Berlin Wall together with account by Michael Smyth (alumnus of Churchill College) of the boundary between East and West Germany; obtaining the sample of the wall; and of Germany in the aftermath of reunification.

BERRY, Christopher (b c.1991)

Physicist and Astronomer.
Papers on detection of gravitational waves.

  • Fully closed

BERTRAM, Francis George Lawder (1875-1938)

Munitions Council Dinner Club menus and accounts and photograph, 1919-38.

BEVIN, Rt Hon Ernest (1881-1951)

Trades Unionist; Labour MP; Minister of Labour and National Service, 1940-45; Foreign Secretary, 1945-51.
Political and Trades Union papers.


War diaries, 1914-18, 1939-48.

BICKERSTETH, John Burgon (1888-1979)

Academic (in Canada); associate of many British politicians and civil servants.
Correspondence (photocopies) and reports to Maurice Hankey on Canadian affairs, 1932-40.

BIFFEN, William John, Lord Biffen of Tanat (1930-2007)

Conservative Politician. MP for Salop, Oswestry, 1961-1983 and for Shropshire North, 1983-97; Chief Secretary to the Treasury, 1979-81; Secretary of State for Trade, 1981-82; Lord President of the Council, 1982-83; Leader of House of Commons, 1982-87 and Lord Privy Seal, 1983-87.
Personal and political papers.

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BINNEY, Sir George (1900-72)

Hudson Bay Company, 1926-30; United Steel Companies Ltd, 1930-9 and from 1945; Arctic explorer; Assistant Commercial Attaché in Stockholm, 1940-2; wartime blockade runner to and from Sweden, 1941-5; Commander, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, 1942-5.
Papers of and relating to Binney collected by Ralph Barker for his book on Binney’s blockade-busting activities in Northern waters in World War II.

BLAND, Sir George Nevile Maltby (1886-1972)

Diplomat. British Envoy and Ambassador to the Netherlands, 1938-48.
Correspondence and papers.


Research papers for his books The Nationalisation of British Transport and The Channel Tunnel Story.

BONDI, Professor Sir Hermann (1919-2005)

Mathematician and Master of Churchill College, 1983-90.
Correspondence and papers, including papers relating to Churchill College and video cassettes of television interviews, 1982 and 1987.

BONHAM-CARTER, General Sir Charles (1876-1955)

Governor of Malta, 1936-40.
World War I diaries, correspondence and Malta papers.

BONHAM-CARTER, Lieutenant Octavius, RN (1873-1901)

Naval papers and letters, 1885-1903. Also Midshipman’s log and photograph album.

BORN, Professor Max (1882-1970)

Physicist. Professor at: Berlin, 1915; Frankfurt, 1919; Göttingen, 1921; fled Nazi Germany to Cambridge, 1933; Tait Professor of Natural Philosophy, Edinburgh, 1936-53 and Professor Emeritus, 1953-70; joint Nobel Prize winner for Physics, 1954.
Papers and correspondence of Professor Max Born and his immediate family.

BOWEN, Edward George (1911-1991)

Scientist; Member of the Radar Development Team, 1935; Air Ministry Research Station, Bawdsey, 1936-40; British Air Commission, Washington, 1940-2; Radiation Laboratory, MIT, 1943; Chief, Division of Radiophysics, CSIRO, 1946-71.
Papers on the development of radar, 1935-78.

BOWER, Commander Robert Tatton, RN (1894-1975)

Unionist MP, 1931-45.
Correspondence with some of the leading naval figures of the time and press cuttings covering Bower’s naval and Parliamentary career 1922-1948.

BOYCE, Professor Joseph Canon (b.1903)

3 letters from Sir John Cockcroft 1938-40.

BRACKEN, Brendan Bracken, 1st Viscount (1901-58)

Unionist and Conservative MP; Parliamentary Private Secretary to Winston Churchill, 1940-41; Minister of Information 1941-46; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1945.
Letters to Lord Beaverbrook (photocopies of originals in House of Lords Library) 1948-56, with Andrew Boyle’s correspondence regarding his biography of Bracken.

BRAMSON, Mogens L.

Engineer, influential in the development of the jet engine and the heart-lung machine.
Personal papers and photographs.

BRAY, Dr Jeremy William (1930-2002)

Labour MP, 1962-70, 1974-97; Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Power 1966-7, Ministry of Technology 1967-8, Opposition spokesman on science and technology, 1983-92.
Papers re Parliamentary Committees on Nationalised Industries, Science and Technology etc, and other political, economic, mathematical and constituency papers, 1953-97.

BRENDON, Dr Piers (b.1940)

Keeper of the Archives, Churchill Archives Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge, 1995-
Papers on television series, The Windsors, 1993 and The Churchills, 1995.

BRETSCHER, Dr Egon (1901-73)

Clerk Maxwell Scholar, 1936-9, and Lecturer, 1939-44, Cambridge University; Manhattan Project, Los Alamos, 1944-6; Head of Chemistry Division, 1947-8, and Head of Nuclear Physics Division, 1948-66, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell.
Papers comprising diaries, correspondence, notebooks, official reports, articles, lectures, press cuttings and photographs, 1918-73.

BRETSCHER, Dr Mark (b 1940)

Research fellow, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge 1964-70 (research student 1961-64); Head, Division of Cell Biology MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Cambridge, 1984-95 (member Scientific Staff 1965-2005); FRS 1985.
Working scientific papers of Mark Bretscher 1961-2009, starting from his early work on the genetic code and protein biosynthesis, then moving into his work on cell membranes and cell movement. Also includes some correspondence and photographs.

BRETT, Reginald Baliol, 2nd Viscount Esher

BRIGGS, Asa, Baron Briggs of Lewes (1921-2016)

Papers relating to a biography of Michael Young, comprising drafts, notes and correspondence. (see also YOUNG, Michael Dunlop, Baron Young of Dartington)

BRIMELOW, Thomas, Baron (1915-95)

Diplomat. Minister, British Embassy, Moscow, 1963-6; Ambassador to Poland, 1966-9; Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Head of the Diplomatic Service, 1973-5.
Typescript of two conversations about his experiences in the Russian Section of the Foreign Office 1945-7 and of Anglo-Soviet relations in 1945 and senior Foreign Office Officials at that time.


Day files of the wartime Chairman of the British Council, Sir Malcolm Robertson.


Transcripts of interviews with senior diplomats on their careers. Further details are available.


Nos 1-8, 5-26th May, 1926.

BRITTO, Keith (1949-2019)

Expert on psephology and on the analysis of opinion polling data. Conservative Research Department, 1974-1980 and 1993-95; Conservative Central Office, in the Marketing, Press and Communications and Special Services Department, 1980-93. Now Deputy Director of the International Policy Institute, King’s College, London.
Polling and other data.

  • Uncatalogued
  • BRTO 73 archive boxes


Churchill family photograph albums and press-cutting books, and other papers relating to the Churchill family, 1803-1973.


Other material relating to Fenner Brockway.

BROCKWAY, Archibald Fenner, Baron (1888-1988)

Pacifist; Secretary of ILP, 1922, 1928 and 1933-46; Labour MP, 1950-64.
Post-war papers.

BROOME, Captain John Egerton, RN (1901-85)

Papers on Convoy PQ17, 1942 and legal action brought against David Irving for his defamatory book on the subject, 1968-72.

BROOME, Katharine, nee Anderson (b c1932)

Scrapbook and later memoir from Mrs Broome’s time as cook to Sir Winston and Lady Churchill, 1954-55.

BROWN, Lord Wilfred (1908-1985)

Chairman, Glacier Metal Co. Ltd; Director Associated Engineering Ltd., Minister of State Board of Trade, 1965-1970; Pro-Chancellor, Brunel University, 1966-1980.
Papers, correspondence and personal scrapbooks, 1930-2002.


Geodesy and Geophysics Department, Cambridge University.
Correspondence with Sir John Cockcroft with proposals for a geophysical survey of oceans, 1949.

BRUFORD, Professor Walter Horace (1894-1988)

Member of Naval Intelligence Division in World War I.
Memoirs of Room 40, Naval code-breaking unit.

BRUNDRETT, Sir Frederick (1894-1974)

Scientific Adviser to Ministry of Defence and Chairman of Defence Research Policy Committee, 1954-9; Chairman, Air Traffic Control Board; member of the White Fish Authority, 1961-73.
Lectures on the use of science in defence, 1951-63; papers relating to the White Fish Authority and marine research and development, 1963-71; letters and papers of the Air Traffic Control Board, 1971-72.

BUDDEN, Kenneth George (1915-2005)

Physicist. Cambridge University Emeritus Reader in Physics. Previously worked at Telecommunications Research Establishment, 1939-41; British Air Commission, Washington, DC, 1941-44; Air Command, SE Asia, 1945.
Unpublished memoir, lecture notes, laboratory note books and other papers, circa 1933-1985.

  • Uncatalogued

BUFTON, Air Vice-Marshal Sydney Osborne (1908-93)

Director of Bomber Operations, Air Ministry, 1943-5.
Papers and photographs, mainly on service with Bomber Command, 1939-45.

BUIST, Commander Colin, RN (1896-1981)

Naval signals at surrender of German Fleet 1918; midshipman’s log book 1913-15.

BULL, Sir William, 1st Bt (1863-1931)

Solicitor; MP; Chairman, London Unionist MPs, 1910-29.
Diaries, notes and correspondence, 1862-1943.

  • Restrictions

BULLARD, Sir Edward Crisp (1907-80)

Geophysicist; Assistant Director of Naval Operational Research, 1944-5; Director of National Physical Laboratory, 1950-5.
Scientific and personal papers.

  • Restrictions


Mounted print of the battleship HMS Bulwark at Malta in Feb 1906, following her refit, signed by [?] the ship’s officers, including Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet.

BURCHAM, William Ernest (1913-2008)

Undergraduate and Research Student, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 1931-39.
Notes and papers on Sir John Cockcroft and the Cavendish Laboratory.

BURGIS, Lawrence Franklin (1892-1972)

Assistant Secretary, War Cabinet, 1939-45.
Memoirs and manuscript notes of Second World War meetings of the War Cabinet, 1900-1979.

BUZZARD, Rear-Admiral Sir Anthony Wass (1902-72)

Director of Naval Intelligence, 1951-4. Later worked with the Institute for Strategic Studies, the Conference of Christian Approaches to Defence and Disarmament and the British Council of Churches.
Second World War naval papers and conference papers on arms, deterrence and disarmament, 1960-72.



The Cabinet Office is the secretariat to the Cabinet, the committee of senior Government Ministers responsible for controlling overall government policy.
Indexes to Prime Minister’s speeches, pledges and questions in the House of Commons, 1919-1964.


9 microfilm copies of documents in the CAB 134 “Cabinet Office: Miscellaneous Committees: Minutes and papers” series and microfiche copies of documents in ED 46 “Board of Education: Technical branch and further education branch” series of records both held at the Public Record Office.

CADOGAN, Sir Alexander George Montagu (1884-1968)

Diplomat. British Envoy to Peking, 1933-5, Ambassador, 1935-6; Deputy Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1936-7; Permanent Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1938-46; Permanent Representative of HM Govt in the UK to the United Nations, New York, 1946-50.
Diaries and papers, 1909-66.

CALDECOTE, Thomas Walker Hobart Inskip, 1st Viscount (1876-1947)

Conservative MP; Minister for the Co-ordination of Defence, 1936-39; Lord Chancellor, 1939-40.
Extracts from diaries on the Munich Crisis and beginning of the Second World War, 1938-40.

CAM, Professor Helen (1885-1968)

Printed material for the study of US affairs, c.1960-5.

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY, Department of Engineering

Exhibition material on the history and development of the Whittle Jet Propulsion Gas Turbine.

CARDEN, Admiral Sir Sackville Hamilton (1857-1930)

Entered Royal Navy 1870; Admiral Superintendent of the Malta Dockyard from 1912; appointed commander of the British battle squadron in the Mediterranean in September 1914; naval commander at the Dardanelles before ill health forced him to relinquish his command; retired in October 1917 with the rank of Admiral.
Medals, papers and correspondence, 1869-1922.

CARRINGTON, Peter Alexander Rupert, 6th Baron (1919-2018)

Politician. High Commissioner to Australia, 1956-9; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1959-63; Minister without Portfolio and Leader of the House of Lords, 1963-4; Defence Secretary, 1970-4; Secretary of State for Energy, 1974; and Foreign Secretary, 1979-82.
Political papers, speeches, visit files, appointment diaries, press cuttings, photographs, photograph albums and scrapbooks, 1952-2011.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued

CARRON, William John, Baron (1902-69)

Trades Unionist.
Papers on Amalgamated Engineering Union and other related material, 1909-69.

CASEMENT, Sir Roger (1864-1916)

Photocopy extracts from diaries 1903-4; 1910 and 1911, prepared for case Rex v Casement, 1916; including account of trip to Iquitos to investigate ill-treatment of Indians.

CASSELS, James Macdonald (1924-94)

Professor of Physics, University of Liverpool, 1956-82.
Scientific Correspondence and Papers

CATHERWOOD, Sir Henry Frederick Ross (1925-2014)

MEP, Cambridgeshire and North Bedfordshire, 1979-93, Vice-President, European Parliament, 1989-92.
Papers on Europe, particularly economic, political and monetary union, CAP, GATT, Northern Ireland and relations with Eastern Europe.

  • Restrictions

CAVAN, Field Marshal Frederic Rudolph Lambart, 10th Earl (1865-1946)

Grenadier Guards, 1885-1912; Western Front, 1914-17, and Italy, 1917-18; Commander-in-Chief, Aldershot, 1920-2; military adviser, Washington Conference, 1921; and Chief of the Imperial General Staff, 1922-6.
Copy of an unpublished memoir.

CECIL, Charles (1872-1916)

Extracts of letters from the Front while serving as a Private in the Public Schools and Universities Brigade.

CHADWICK, Sir James (1891-1974)

Nuclear Physicist; awarded Nobel Prize for Physics, 1935.
Scientific and personal papers.

  • Restrictions

CHANDOS, Oliver Lyttelton, 1st Viscount (1893-1972)

Conservative MP; Minister of State Middle East, 1941; Member of War Cabinet and Minister of Production, 1942-5; Colonial Secretary, 1951-4.
Correspondence, articles, speeches, press cuttings and photographs.
(See also LYTTELTON)

CHAPMAN, Guy Patterson (1889-1972)

Campaign maps – Les grandes unités francaises, 1939-40 1 vol; manuscript of A Passionate Prodigality.


Manuscripts related to Sir Winston Churchill and printed ephemera, 1880-1976.

CHAVASSE, The Reverend Evelyn Henry (1906-1991)

Unpublished Naval memoirs Business in Great Waters: War Memories of a Semi-Sailor 1942-5.

CHESHIRE, Air Chief Marshal Sir Walter (1907-78)

Memoir of Allied Disarmament Mission in Saigon, 1945.

CHICHESTER-CLARK, Sir Robin (1928-2016)

MP (UU), 1955-Feb. 1974; PPS to Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 1958; Assistant Government Whip (unpaid), 1958-60; a Lord Commissioner of the Treasury, 1960-61; Comptroller of HM Household, 1961-64; Chief Opposition Spokesman on Northern Ireland, 1964-70, on Public Building and Works and the Arts, 1965-70; Minister of State, Department of Employment, 1972-74.
Personal and political papers.

CHILD, Christopher (b.1953)

Member of Neil Kinnock’s Private Office, 1983-92, with responsibility for international development and Africa, especially Southern Africa; head of the Correspondence Unit, 1983-87; from 1987-92 responsible for visit briefings, including during the General Election campaigns of 1987 and 1992.
Papers relating to Africa and the Commonwealth, 1985-6; papers on Kinnock’s visit to South Africa, 1991; briefings on key seats, 1991; briefings for the 1992 election tour.


Commemorative issues of newspapers 1897, 1953 and various.

  • Uncatalogued

CHRISTIE, Group Captain Malcolm Grahame (1881-1971)

Air engineer, traveller in Europe, especially Germany, 1933-40.
Correspondence and reports as independent investigator of German and Central European affairs on behalf of Sir Robert Vansittart, 1928-46.

CHRISTISON, General Sir Philip, 4th Bt (1893-1993) and Sir Alexander (1828-1918)

Autobiography of General Sir Philip and memoirs and letters relating to Sir Alexander’s medical service in 2nd Burmese War, 1851-4.

CHURCHILL, Henry Winston (“Peregrine”) (1913-2002)

Nephew of Sir Winston Churchill.
Correspondence and albums relating to the Churchill family, particularly Lord and Lady Randolph Churchill, Winston Churchill, his brother John Churchill, John’s wife, Lady Gwendeline Churchill, Peregrine’s elder brother John G Churchill and Peregrine Churchill himself.

CHURCHILL, Lord Randolph Henry Spencer (1849-1895)

Conservative MP, 1874-95, including Secretary of State for India, 1885-6, Leader of the House of Commons, 1886, and Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1886.
Microfilm copies of correspondence, 1874-95.

CHURCHILL, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer (1911-1968)

Son of Sir Winston Churchill. Conservative MP, Journalist and author.
Papers including literary, political and personal correspondence and papers plus scrap books, tapes and films, 1870-1992.

CHURCHILL, Sarah Millicent Hermione (1914-1982)

Actress and writer.
Papers including correspondence, literary papers, photographs, press cuttings, audio tapes and film, 1914-82.

CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965)

MP; Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1906-8; President, Board of Trade, 1908-10; Home Secretary, 1910-11; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1911-15; Secretary of State for War and Air, 1919-21 Secretary of State for Air and the Colonies, 1921; Secretary of State for the Colonies, 1921-2; Chancellor of the Exchequer 1924-9; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1939-40; Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, 1940-5; Prime Minister, 1951-5.

Chartwell Trust Papers, 1874-1945

  • Restrictions

Churchill Acquired Papers 1878-1977

Churchill Additional Collection

Other deposited collections relating to Sir Winston Churchill, 1880-1992.

  • Restrictions

Churchill Heritage

Images of Sir Winston Churchill’s paintings on cd, as used in the publication “Sir Winston Churchill’s Life Through his Paintings” by David Coombs with Minnie S. Churchill (2003).

Churchill Oral History

Interviews with former staff and colleagues of Sir Winston Churchill, and also interviews with politicians and soldiers on subjects including the foundation of Churchill College.

Churchill Pamphlets

Comprising a collection of pamphlets featuring speeches, articles or other text by Sir Winston Churchill, 1904-99.

Churchill Papers, 1945-65

  • Restrictions

Churchill Press Cuttings, 1919-76

Churchill Press Photographs, 1876-1965

CHURCHILL, Winston Spencer (1940-2010)

Correspondence and papers, 1967-2009.

  • Fully closed

CLARK, Sir Thomas Fife (1907-85)

Press officer, Ministry of Health, 1939-49; and Home Controller, 1949-52, and Director-General, 1954-71, of the Central Office of Information, including adviser to the Prime Minister on public relations, 1952-5, and to the Earl Marshal on arrangements for the Coronation, 1953.
Papers comprising official papers, speeches, correspondence, press cuttings, photographs and audio tapes, 1934-81.

CLARKE, Captain Arthur Wellesley, RN (1898-1985)

Midshipman’s logs and photograph albums, 1914-17; autobiography, 1898-1974.

CLARKE, Charles Rodway (b 1950)

President, National Union of Students, 1975-77; Chair of Housing Committee and Vice Chair of economic development, London Borough of Hackney, 1980-1986; researcher, and later Chief of Staff, for Labour Party Leader, Neil Kinnock, 1981-92; chief executive of Quality Public Affairs, 1992-97; Labour MP, 1997-2010; Secretary of State for Education and Skills, 2002-2004; Home Secretary, 2004-2006.

Political and personal papers.

  • Restrictions
  • Uncatalogued
  • CHCL 41 boxes

CLARKE, Sir Richard William Barnes (Otto) (1910-75)

Economist – Ministries of Information, Economic Warfare, Supply and Production; HM Treasury 1945-66; Ministry of Aviation, 1966; Ministry of Technology, 1966-1970.
Papers and correspondence.

CLARKE, William Francis (1883-1961)

Member of “Room 40” – First World War Naval Intelligence code-breaking unit.
Papers relating to the setting up of Room 40 and code-breaking activities in the First World War and to Clarke’s service in the Government Code and Cypher School, 1922-45.

CLAUSEN, Hugh (1888-1972)

Naval armaments engineer.
Technical papers and lectures, 1938-69.

CLUTTERBUCK, Major-General Richard Lewis (1917-98)

Papers on International Terrorism, 1971-95.

COCKBURN, Sir Robert (1909-94)

Scientist; Scientific Adviser to the Air Ministry, 1948-53.
Papers relating to research in radar, atomic energy and guided weapons, 1939-59.


Other material relating to Sir John Cockcroft.

COCKCROFT, Sir John Douglas (1897-1967)

Nuclear physicist; awarded Nobel Prize for Physics, 1951; Master of Churchill College, 1959-67.
Personal and scientific papers, 1921-66.
(see also BOYCE)

  • Restrictions

COLLINS, Flight-Lieutenant Joseph Edward (1916-98)

Royal Australian Air Force.
Memoir Some Notes on Coastal Command, 1940-1945 and associated papers on anti-submarine warfare, the Fleet Air Arm and the Liberator bomber.

COLQUHOUN, Cecil Brian Hugh (1902-77)

Resident Engineer, Mersey Tunnel, 1930 and Resident Engineer-in-Charge, 1933-1936; Director General of Aircraft Production Factories, 1941-4; Engineering Adviser to World Bank, 1954-7 and to Parliamentary Channel Tunnel Committee, 1956-7.
Papers, photographs and plans, mainly relating to Colquhoun’s work on the Mersey Road Tunnel, but also on the Channel Tunnel and other engineering projects.

COLVILLE, Sir John Rupert (1915-87)

Assistant Private Secretary to Neville Chamberlain, Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee, successively. Wartime diaries, 1939-45, notebook of the Bermuda Conference, 1953, and speech transcripts, 1963-87.

  • Restrictions


Roster, November 1943.

CONDREN, William Joseph “Con” (1900-1975)

Government photographer, Secret Weapons Establishment, Woolwich, 1939-45, UKAEA, Harwell, 194?-60.
Photographs and papers, 1939-54

COOK, Robert (“Robin”) Finlayson (1946-2005)

Labour MP, 1974-2005. Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs 1997- 2001. Leader of the House of Commons & Lord President of the Council, 2001-3.
Personal and political papers.

  • Restrictions
  • Uncatalogued

CORBETT, Lieutenant-General Thomas William (1888-1981)

Indian Army Officer; a Corps Commander and Chief of General Staff in Middle East, 1942.
Papers on the Indian Army, particularly cavalry, officer training, and the development of armoured divisions, and also on Corbett’s time as CGS to General Auchinleck, 1906-50.

CORFIELD, Sir Frederick Vernon (1915-2005)

Served in the Second World War and was held prisoner in Germany, 1940-45. Conservative MP for South Gloucestershire, 1955- February 1974; Joint Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, 1962-4; Minister of State, Board of Trade, June-October 1970; Minister of Aviation Supply, 1970-71; and Minister for Aerospace, DTI, 1971-72.
Political papers, speeches and articles, 1960-1980.

  • Restrictions

CORNFORD, James (1935-2011)

Academic and social reformer.
Papers, 1960s-1990s.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued

CORONATIONS, Souvenir Programmes and Press Cuttings



Drawings relating to the construction of the first UK high voltage transmission electron microscope at the Cavendish Laboratory, 1960-1964.

COSSLETT, Dr Vernon Ellis (1908-90)

Correspondence and papers concerning the development of the Electron Microscope.

COURTENAY, William (1896-1960)

Colour film reel shot by Courtenay, mainly from his experiences in the Second World War, including footage of Winston Churchill in Canada and giving the “Iron Curtain” speech, 1946, and footage of American forces in the Pacific.

COURTS, Robert (b 1978)

Politican and barrister.
Print of Courts’s maiden speech in the House of Commons.


Press photographs of the Royal Family and Royal occasions, 1947-53, the Churchill family, 1951-54 and World War II.

COWLEY, Lieutenant-General Sir John Guise (1905-93)

Army officer, including: Quetta earthquake, 1935; North Africa, 1940-3; Chief-of-Staff, Eastern Command, 1953-6; Vice-Quartermaster General, 1956-7; Controller of Munitions, Ministry of Supply, 1957-60; and Master-General of the Ordnance, War Office, 1960-2.
Papers comprising a memoir, articles, lectures, correspondence and press cuttings, 1959-83.

CRAWFORD, Major-General John Scott (1889-1978)

Deputy-Director of Mechanization, War Office, 1935-39; Director of Mechanization in charge of tank production, Deputy Director-General of Tanks and Transport, Ministry of Supply, 1939-43; Deputy-Director General of Armaments Production, 1943-5.
Memoirs, diaries, papers and photographs.

CRAWFORD, Virginia Mary (1863-1948)

Writer and propagandist on women’s suffrage, the Labour Party and Roman Catholicism; respondent in Dilke divorce case, 1886.
Correspondence and published works 1876-1940.

CRESWELL, Captain John, RN

Naval papers, 1911-73.

CRICK, Francis Harry Compton (1916-2004)

Molecular biologist.
Papers on protein synthesis and the genetic code for proteins, produced while Crick was working at the Medical Research Council Unit for the Study of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, c 1953-69.

CROCKER, Sir Walter Russell (1902-2002)

Australian diplomat; Lieutenant-Governor of South Australia, 1973-82.

CROFT, Henry Page Croft, 1st Baron (1881-1947)

Conservative MP; Under-Secretary of State for War, 1940-5.
Political correspondence and papers, 1908-47.

CROOKE, Admiral Sir Henry Ralph (1875-1952)

Diaries, 1909-54, photograph albums on Crooke’s naval career, and memorabilia.

CROPPER, Peter (1927-2020)

Desk Officer, Conservative Research Department, 1951-53 & 1975-79; Director, CRD, 1982-84; Special Adviser, HM Treasury, 1979-82 & 1984-88.
Cropper’s copies of papers on taxation produced by Lord (Arthur) Cockfield, 1978-79.

  • CPPR 4 folders

CUNNINGHAM OF HYNDHOPE, Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Brown Cunningham, 1st Viscount (1883-1963)

Correspondence and materials from various sources for the biography by Oliver Warner.

CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM OF GARTMORE, Admiral Sir Angus Edward Malise Bontine (1893-1981)

Naval papers and memoirs, 1913-80.



Issue of 12 May, 1926.

DALYELL, Tam (1932-2017)

Politician and political campaigner. Labour MP for West Lothian, 1962-83, Linlithgow, 1983-2005.
Political correspondence and subject files.

DANIEL, Admiral Sir Charles Saumarez (1894-1981)

Diaries of the Second Battle Squadron, 1914-16 and orders and signals on the surrender of the German Fleet in 1918.


Report of the Coventry Reconstruction Co-ordinating Committee, 1940.


Official Protection Officer to Winston Churchill, 1948-50.
Logbook, copy letters and photographs, 1948-50.

DAVIES, Geralt Wyn

Wartime British official photographs, including Quebec, Cairo and Teheran Conferences, 1943, and Chiang Kai Shek, 1943.

DAVIES, Professor Arthur (b.1906)

Account of the holding of the Leopold Canal by 20 LAA Regiment, September 1944.

DAVIS, Admiral Sir William Wellclose (1901-87)

Director of Plans and Cabinet Offices, 1940-2; Director of Underwater Weapons, Admiralty, 1945-6; Vice-Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiralty, 1954-7; Commander-in-Chief, Home Fleet, and NATO Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Atlantic Area, 1958-60.
Autobiography, naval papers and photographs.

DE GAULLE, General Charles Andre Joseph Marie (1890-1970)

President of France, 1944-6, 1958-69.
16mm cine film of life of Général de Gaulle.

DE LA BILLIERE, General Sir Peter Edgar de la Cour (b 1934)

Commanding Officer 22 SAS Regiment, 1972-4; GSO1 (DS) Staff College, 1974-7; Comd British Army Training Team Sudan, 1977-8; Dir SAS and Comd SAS Group, 1978-83; Comd British Forces Falkland Islands, 1984-5; GOC Wales, 1985-7; GOC SE Dist and Perm Peacetime Comdr, Jt Forces Operations Staff, 1987-90; Comdr British Forces Middle East, 1990-1.
Papers comprising correspondence, manuscripts of books, lectures, photographs, slides and press cuttings, 1959-2001.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued

DE ROBECK, Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Michael (1862-1928)

Commanded Naval Force in the Dardanelles during the time the Expeditionary Force was landed, 1915.
Personal and naval papers, including midshipman’s logs 1875-1927.

DE SAUSMAREZ, Lieutenant-Commander Ronald Philip Stanley (d.1973)

Senior Naval Officer, HM Naval Base, Holyhead, 1918-19.
Papers, sketches and a photograph relating to HM Naval Base, Holyhead, 1916-19.

DEAKIN, Sir William (1913-2005)

Literary Assistant to Sir Winston Churchill
Research papers, particularly about Yugoslavia during the Second World War, 1950s-1990s, and material relating to work on Winston Churchill’s “Marlborough: His Life and Times” and his history of the Second World War. Includes transcripts and some photocopies of original documents dated 1701-1713, correspondence, source material and galley proofs.

DENHAM, Captain Henry M, RN (1897-1993)

Papers relating to his time as Naval Attaché in Stockholm, 1940-5.

DENMAN, Sir Roy (1924-2006)

Civil servant and diplomat.
Correspondence and papers, 1950-2005, mainly about Europe, including a diary of the negotiation of the UK’s entry to the European Economic Community, 1970-2.

DENNISTON, Alexander Guthrie (1881-1961)

Member of Room 40 and ID 25.
Papers on code-breaking in Room 40 in World War I and ID 25 in World War II, and Royal Naval College, Osborne photographs, 1908-79.

DEUTSCH, Geheimrat Felix (1858-1928)

Translation of autobiography Mein Leben; 100 letters (photocopies) between various members of the Deutsch/Kahn family relating to World War I.

DICKENS, Captain Peter, RN (1900-1992)

Memoir of his naval career including the “Amethyst Incident” of 1949, Polaris and Chevaline, also includes Midshipman’s log, photographs, correspondence and family memorabilia. See also SCOTT.

DICKSON, Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir William (1898-1987)

Papers and photographs mainly concerning his service as Chief of Air Staff, 1953-6.


DILKE, Ashton Wentworth (1850-83)

Liberal MP; journalist, writer on Russia.

DILKE, Charles Wentworth (1789-1864)

Editor and critic.

DILKE, Rt Hon Sir Charles Wentworth, 2nd Bt. (1843-1911)

Liberal MP; Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1880-2; author.
Correspondence and papers.

DILKE, Sir Charles Wentworth, 1st Bt. (1810-69)

Organiser of the 1851 and 1862 exhibitions.

DIRAC, Professor Paul Adrien Maurice (1902-84)

Physicist. Awarded Nobel Prize for Physics, 1933.
Photocopies of correspondence and papers, 1924-71.

  • Restrictions

DITCHAM, Anthony (b.1923)

Midshipman on board HMS Renown and HMS Holderness, 1940-42.
Copy of midshipman’s log, and memoir based on the log.

DONALD, Dame Athene (b.1953)

Physicist. Educated at Camden school for Girls and University of Cambridge. Postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University, 1977-81, then University of Cambridge where she became Professor of Experimental Physics in 1998. Director of the Women in Science, Engineering and Technology Initiative, 2007-14, and Gender Equality Champion, 2010-14. Master of Churchill College, Cambridge from 2014.
Personal and scientific papers, c1970-2016.

  • Restrictions
  • Uncatalogued

DONOUGHUE OF ASHTON, Bernard Donoughue, Baron (b.1934)

Academic, London School of Economics, 1963-74; Senior Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister, 1974-79; Assistant Editor, The Times, 1981-82; Opposition spokesman on Treasury, 1991-92, on Energy, 1991-93, on National Heritage, 1992-97; and Parliamentary Under Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1997-99.

  • Restrictions

DONOVAN, Major-General William J (1883-1959)

Director of Strategic Services, US, 1942-5.
Transcripts and microfilm of papers and interviews used by Anthony Cave Brown in his biography of General Donovan; microfilm (191 reels) of records of OSS, 1941-5, including Director’s cables.

DOWNING, D Calybut

Midshipman’s logs and photographs, 1906-8.


Photographs, press cuttings and promotional material on the work of the Dracones oil barges during the oil crisis, 1957-75.

DRAX, Admiral Hon. Sir Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett-Ernle-Erle (1880-1967)

Naval ADC to the King, 1927-8, 1939-41; Home Guard, 1941-3; Commodore of Ocean Convoys, 1943-5.
Naval and political papers, 1902-65.

DREYER, Admiral Sir Frederic Charles (1878-1956)

Royal Navy, 1891-1943, including Assistant Director of Naval Ordnance, 1907-9; Director of Naval Ordnance, 1917-18; Director of Naval Artillery and Torpedoes, 1918-19; Director of the Gunnery Division, 1920-2; Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, 1924-7; Deputy Chief of Naval Staff, 1930-1; and Commander-in-Chief, China Station, 1933-6.
Papers comprising correspondence, a diary, articles, lectures, broadcasts and press cuttings, 1891-1955.

DU BOULAY, Sir Roger William Houssemayne (1922-2020)

Diplomatic Service, including Foreign Office, London, 1959; Washington; 1960-4; Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London, 1964-7; Manila, 1967-71; Paris, 1971-3; Resident Commissioner, New Hebrides, 1973-5; and Vice Marshal of the Diplomatic Corps, 1975-82.
Memoir of working with Christopher Soames at the British Embassy in Paris, 1971-3, with notes on Christopher Soames as last British Governor of Southern Rhodesia, 1979-80.

DUNCAN-SANDYS, Duncan Edwin Duncan-Sandys, Baron (1908-87)

Conservative MP; Minister of Works, 1944-5; Minister of Supply, 1951-4; Minister of Housing and Local Government, 1954-7; Minister of Defence, 1957-9; Minister of Aviation, 1959-60; Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations, 1960-4, and the Colonies 1962-4.
Political papers.


EADE, Charles (1903-64)

Journalist. Editor, Sunday Dispatch, 1938-57.
Diary of meetings with Winston Churchill, 1939-55; material relating to Eade’s published edition of Churchill’s wartime secret session speeches; and biographical material about Churchill.

EASTWOOD, Sir Eric (1910-81)

Research Engineer.
Papers including material relating to the development of radar.

  • Restrictions

EDELSTEN, Vice-Admiral Sir John Hereward (1891-1966)

Chief of Staff to Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham, C-in-C, Mediterranean, 1941-2; Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, 1942-4; Rear-Admiral (Destroyers) British Pacific Fleet, 1945; 1st Battle Squadron, 1945-6; 4th Cruiser Squadron, 1946; Vice-Chief of Naval Staff, 1947-1949; C-in-C, Mediterranean, 1950-1952.
Correspondence, photographs and other papers, mainly from Edelsten’s time with the Mediterranean and Pacific Fleets, 1916-55.

EDEN, Douglas (b.1939)

Lecturer at University of London and Middlesex University, 1967-2001; Head of the Centre for Study of International Affairs (Europe and America) and Director of the Trent Park International Conferences on the Future of the Atlantic Community, 1996-2001; elected Member of the Greater London Council for Feltham & Heston, 1973-77; co-founder & Hon. Secretary of the Social Democratic Alliance, 1975-1981; co-founder of the Social Democratic Party and member of the Organisation Committee, 1981; Chairman of the London Social Democratic Party, 1982-88.
Papers of the Social Democratic Alliance.

  • Restrictions
  • Uncatalogued


Material relating to Sir Robert Edwards.

EDWARDS, Admiral Sir Ralph Alan Bevan (1901-63)

Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty and Assistant Chief of the Naval Staff, 1948-50; Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, Third Sea Lord and Controller of the Navy, 1953-6.
Diaries and papers, 1938-55.

EDWARDS, Commander Francis William Boucher (1908-2003)

Fleet Signal Officer with Admiral Sir James Somerville, Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Fleet, 1942-44.
Correspondence and notes on Edwards’s contribution to historical papers and publications relating to Admiral Somerville and the Eastern Fleet, 1977-90.

EDWARDS, Sir Robert Geoffrey (1925-2013)

Professor of Human Reproduction
Personal and scientific papers relating to Edwards’s work on in vitro fertilisation.

EINZIG, Paul (1897-1973)

Economist and writer.
Correspondence and papers, 1918-73.

ELLIS, Captain Robert Meyric, RN (1901-81)

Royal Navy, 1917-47, including Assistant Director, 1937-9, and Deputy Director, 1939-41, Naval Air Division of the Admiralty, and Assistant Chief of Combined Operations, 1942-3, and Director of Combined Operations Division of the Admiralty, 1943-5.
Papers comprising a draft memoir and official naval papers, 1933-48.

ELMHIRST, Air Marshal Sir Thomas Walker (1895-1982)

Deputy Director (Intelligence), Air Ministry and Air Commodore HQ Fighter Command, 1940; British Mission to Turkey, 1941; AOC, Egypt, 1941; 2nd in command Desert Air Force, 1942; AOC Administration NW Africa, 1943; 2nd in command, British Air Forces in NW Europe, 1944-5; Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Intelligence), 1945-7; Chief of Inter-Service Administration in India, 1947; first Commander-in-Chief, Indian Air Force, 1947-50.
Official papers, personal correspondence, literary material and recorded memoirs, 1896-1977.


Memoir of working in the radio astronomy group at the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, 1948-89, particularly with Martin Ryle.

ERLE, Lieutenant-General Thomas (c.1650-1720)

Commander-in-Chief of Ireland, 1700; Lieutenant-General of the Ordnance, 1705-12, 1714-18; Governor of Portsmouth, 1714-18.
Correspondence, political and military papers, 1650-1965.

ESHER, 2nd Viscount, Reginald Baliol Brett (1852-1930)

Member of Committee of Imperial Defence, and intimate of King Edward VII and King George V.
Diaries, correspondence and papers, 1861-1930.

EVANS, George Clifford (1913-2006)

Reader in Experimental Ecology.
Correspondence and papers, mainly on Evans’s wartime work on the development of radar, 1939-2006.



Driver, Royal Engineers.
Account of the Dunkirk evacuation, 1940.

FARRELLY, Sister Francis Mary

Account of internment by the Japanese in Borneo, 1942.

FARREN, Sir William Scott (1892-1970)

Aeronautical engineer; Director of Technical Development, Ministry of Aircraft Production, 1940-1.
Papers and photographs, 1915-68.

FAWCETT, Commander Harold William (1891-1964)

Senior instructor, anti-submarine school, 1920-24; Anti-Submarine Warfare Division of the Naval Staff, 1939-45.
Photographs of Battle of Jutland; anti-submarine warfare papers, particularly on the use of radar, 1911-58.

FEATHER, Professor Norman (1904-78)

Papers on nuclear physics and radioactivity, 1915-1978.

  • Restrictions

FELL, Captain William Richmond, RN (1897-1981)

Royal Navy, 1915-48. Retained by the Admiralty as a salvage expert and supervised salvage operations during the Suez Crisis, 1956-7.
Papers comprising diaries, log books, correspondence, official papers and photographs, 1915-1969.


Papers concerning Margaret Thatcher’s time as constituency Member of Parliament, including details of surgery cases and related correspondence, and details of constituency engagements etc, 1959-1992.

  • Fully closed

FINLAYSON, Horace Courtenay Forbes (1885-1969), financial expert

Financial adviser to the British Embassy in Berlin, 1923-8; and technical secretary to the British representatives on the Dawes Committee, 1923-4.
Diaries and correspondence, 1921-1949.

FISHER, Admiral of the Fleet John Arbuthnot Fisher, 1st Baron (1841-1920)

Controller of the Navy; Lord of the Admiralty, 1892-7; Commander-in-Chief on the North American and West Indies Station, 1897-9; Delegate to Peace Conference at The Hague, 1899; Commander-in-Chief, Mediterranean Station, 1899-1902; Second Sea Lord, 1902-3; Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth, 1903-4; First Sea Lord, 1904-10 and 1914-15; Chairman, Royal Commission on Oil Fuel, 1912.
Papers and correspondence, 1696-1979.

FISHER, Admiral Sir William Wordsworth (1875-1937)

Midshipman, 1890-94; Captain of HMS St Vincent during the Battle of Jutland; Director of Anti-Submarine Division, Admiralty, 1917-18; Chief of Staff, Mediterranean Fleet, 1919-22, Atlantic Fleet, 1922-4; Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff, 1928-30; Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet, 1932-36.
Midshipman’s Logs with later notes and comments, 1890-1959, letters written to Fisher’s family during his early career and the First World War and a framed photograph of Fisher.


Papers and correspondence from Sir Winston Churchill’s solicitors, chiefly Anthony Moir, including commemorative albums, 1947-72.


Collection of reports of Detachment 101, OSS Burma and South East Asia, 1944-6.

FLIGHT, Howard (b.1948)

Conservative politician. Member of Parliament for Arundel and South Downs from 1997 to 2005. Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury 1999-2001, Shadow Paymaster General to 2002, then Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, 2002-2004. Raised to the peerage in January 2011.
Papers relating to Flight’s resignation as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and deselection as a Conservative parliamentary candidate.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued
  • FGHT 5 boxes

FLOUD, Sir Francis Lewis Castle (1875-1965)

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, 1920-7; Chairman of Board of Customs and Excise, 1927-30; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labour, 1930-4; High Commissioner in Canada, 1934-8.
Papers, speeches and cuttings, 1884-1947.


Company records, 1912-22.

FOOT, Rt Hon. Sir Dingle Mackintosh (1905-78)

Liberal and Labour MP; Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Economic Warfare, 1940-5; Solicitor General, 1964-7.
Political, legal and personal papers, 1925-78.

  • Restrictions

FORBES, Bryan (1926-2013)

English film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor and novelist.
Papers, mainly correspondence with key conservative figures, including Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and John Major, advising on Party Political Broadcasts and the British film industry.

  • Fully closed

FORBES, Sir Archibald Finlayson (1903-89)

Chartered Accountant; Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Aircraft Production, 1940-3; Member of the Aircraft Council, 1942-5; Chairman, First Iron and Steel Board, 1946-9; Chairman, Iron and Steel Board, 1953-9; President, British Bankers’ Association, 1970-2.
Papers, mainly relating to Iron and Steel Board, banking and other interests.

FORD, Joseph Francis (1912-93)

Diplomat. British Consul-General, Hanoi, 1960-2, New Orleans, 1963-4.
Diaries, 1960-4, and later memoir.

FOWLE, Major H. A.

Royal Artillery.
Journal of voyage to Malta and home, 1941.

FRANCIS-WILLIAMS, Edward Francis Williams, Baron (1903-70)

Author and journalist. Controller of News and Censorship, Ministry of Information, 1941-5; Adviser on Public Relations to the Prime Minister, 1945-7.
Manuscripts and typescripts of published works; correspondence, 1937-70.

FRANKLIN, Rosalind Elsie (1920-58)

Scientific correspondence and papers, 1927-58.
Most of Franklin’s papers are available online on the Wellcome Library’s website.

  • Restrictions

FRANKLIN, Sir Michael (1927-2019)

Civil servant: Private Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1961-4; Head of the European Secretariat, Cabinet Office, 1977-81; Permanent Secretary, Department of Trade, 1982-3; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, 1983-7.
Diaries, memoirs and related papers, 1964-84.

FRENCH, Captain Godfrey Alexander, RN (b.1900)

Naval papers, 1937-85.

FREND, Rev Professor William Hugh Clifford (1916-2005)

Ecclesiastical historian.
Account by Frend of his dealings with [Ernst von] Weizsacker and the German embassy to the Vatican in July and August 1944 and the failure of a plot to assassinate Hitler.

FRIEDLANDER, Frederick Gerard (1917-2001)

Autobiography, 1917-35, including memories of Friedlander’s mother Ruth Fischer, founder of the Austrian Communist Party.

FUSION, History of

Papers on the early days of controlled thermonuclear fusion research in the UK, 1945-60, compiled by Dr J D Lawson, FRS.
See also LAWSON, John David (1923-2008).


GALLOWAY, Lieutenant-General Sir Alexander (1895-1977)

Correspondence 1958-1975, including Lord Montgomery of Alamein.

GARDINER, Gerald Austin Gardiner, Baron (1900-90)

Lord Chancellor, 1964-1970.
Correspondence and papers about law reform.

GEDDES, Auckland Campbell Geddes, 1st Baron (1879-1954)

Unionist MP; Director of Recruiting, War Office, 1916-17; Minister of National Service 1917-19; President of the Local Government Board, 1918; Minister of Reconstruction, 1919; President of the Board of Trade, 1919-20; British Ambassador to Washington, 1920-4.
Private papers and correspondence, 1885-1954, and family papers, 1783-1963.

GEIKIE-COBB, Ivo (1887-1953)

Physician, author and journalist.

Letters chiefly relating to Geikie-Cobb’s commissioning of BBC broadcast talks during the Second World War, 1940-52.

GILBERT, Sir Martin John (1936-2015)

Historian, author and biographer of Sir Winston Churchill.
Correspondence between Martin Gilbert and Robert Hastings relating to Gilbert’s work on the official biography and other Churchill projects, 1965-1995; and Gilbert’s correspondence with Churchill College (including Churchill Archives Centre) staff, 1968-2005.

GILCHRIST, Sir Andrew Graham (1910-93)

Soldier, diplomat and administrator. Diplomatic Service, 1933-70, Ambassador at Reykjavik, Djakarta and Dublin; Chairman, Highlands and Islands Development Board, 1970-6.
Military, diplomatic and literary papers, 1937-93.


Other material relating to 1st Baron Gladwyn.

  • GLAD AS 1 box

GLADWYN, Cynthia Jebb (1898-1990)

Wife of 1st Baron Gladwyn, political hostess and diarist.
Correspondence, diaries and personal papers, 1912-91.

GLADWYN, Hubert Miles Gladwyn Jebb, 1st Baron (1900-96)

Diplomat. Private Secretary to the Permanent Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office, 1937-40; Ambassador to France, 1954-60; MEP, 1973-6; President of the European Movement; Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party in the House of Lords, and Liberal Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Defence, 1965-88.
Diplomatic, personal and political papers, 1875-2002.

GLAUERT, Audrey Marion (1925-2015)

Electron Microscopy Scientist.
Publications, correspondence, pocket diaries, photographs and lab books.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued


Tapes of Secret History; television programme on the loss of the aircraft carrier, HMS Glorious in the Norwegian Campaign, 1940.

  • Restrictions

GODFREY-FAUSSETT, Captain Sir Bryan Godfrey, RN (1863-1945)

Royal Navy, 1877-1906; Equerry-in-Ordinary to King George V, 1901-36, and King Edward VIII, 1936, and Extra Equerry to King George VI, 1937-45.
Papers comprising correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks and photographs, 1876-1945.

GODFREY, Admiral John Henry (1888-1971)

Director of Naval Intelligence, 1939-42; Flag Officer commanding Royal Indian Navy, 1943-6. Memoirs.

GOLLIN, Geoffrey J (1901-92)

Papers and photographs of experiments on rockets and power jets, 1938-42.

GOODALL, David (1931-2016)

Diplomat serving as Head of Western European Department, Foreign Office, 1975-9; Minister, Bonn, 1979-82; Deputy Secretary, Cabinet Office, l982-4; Deputy Under-Secretary of State, Foreign Office, 1984-7; and High Commissioner to India, 1987-91.
Memoir on “The making of the Anglo-Irish agreement of 1985”

GOODEVE, Sir Charles Frederick (1904-80)

Chemist. Deputy Director of the Department of Miscellaneous Weapon Development, 1940-2, and Deputy Controller of Research and Development, 1942-5, at the Admiralty.
Papers comprising articles, lectures, correspondence, a diary, research notes, press cuttings, photographs and microfilm, 1920-80.

  • Restrictions

GORDON-WALKER, Patrick Chrestien Gordon-Walker, Baron (1907-80)

Labour MP; Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations, 1950-1, Foreign Affairs, 1964-5, and Education and Science, 1967-8.
Papers, including diaries, speeches, writings and cuttings.

GORDON, Major-General Charles George (1833-1885)

Soldier and administrator.
Four notes written in Arabic by Gordon while besieged in Khartoum.

GORELL BARNES, Sir William Lethbridge (1909-87)

Civil Servant; Personal Assistant to the Lord President of the Council, 1942-5, and the Prime Minister, 1946-8; Under-Secretary of State at the Colonial Office, 1948-59; Member of the Conservative Commonwealth and Overseas Council, 1966-75.
Correspondence and papers relating to his career in the Civil Service, 1942-75.

GRANT DUFF, Lieutenant-Colonel Adrian (1869-1914)

Assistant Secretary, CID.
Correspondence, 1905-14, and photocopies of diaries and correspondence, 1910-14.

GREEN, Flight-Sergeant Geoffrey (1919-?)

Personal Clerk to the Chief of the Air Staff, and the Prime Minister, 1941-5.
Diaries of Atlantic Meeting, Washington, Quebec, Cairo and Yalta Conferences.

GRENFELL, Captain Russell, RN

Correspondence and drafts for books on naval history, 1947-53.

GRETTON, Vice-Admiral Sir Peter William (1912-93)


GRIDLEY, John Crandon, 1904-1968

Joint Chairman of North African Joint Economic Mission, Algiers, 1943–1944; Economic Adviser to British Ambassador in Paris, 1944–1945; Chairman of European Coal Organisation, 1945.
Letters on Gridley’s life and work in Algiers and Paris and papers on the work of the European Coal Organisation, 1943-48.

GRIGG, Rt Hon. Sir Percy James (1890-1964)

Civil servant; Secretary of State for War, 1942-5.
Official and personal papers, 1901-64.

GUISE, George (1943-2020)

Consolidated Gold Fields Group, 1968-86; member, Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, 1986-90. From 1990-2003 held non-executive positions with Deloitte and Touche, National Grid and advised various overseas Governments on privatisation.
Policy Unit papers written by Guise for Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, 1986-90.

  • Restrictions
  • Uncatalogued


HAILES, Patrick George Thomas Buchan-Hepburn, 1st Baron (1901-74)

Conservative MP; Government Chief Whip, 1951-5; Minister of Works, 1955-7; Governor-General of the West Indies, 1958-62.
Papers, correspondence, speeches and cuttings.

  • Restrictions

HAILSHAM OF SAINT MARYLEBONE, Quintin McGarel Hogg, Baron (1907-2001)

Conservative MP; First Lord of the Admiralty, 1956-7; Minister for Education, 1957; Leader of the House of Lords, 1960-3; Minister for Science and Technology, 1959-64; Lord Chancellor, 1970-4 and 1979-87.
Papers comprising diaries; correspondence; family and personal papers; manuscripts of books, articles, speeches and broadcasts; press cuttings and photographs.

  • Restrictions

HAILSHAM, Douglas McGarel Hogg, 1st Viscount (1872-1950)

Conservative MP; Attorney-General, 1922-8; Secretary of State for War, 1931-5; Lord Chancellor, 1935-8.

  • Restrictions

HALDANE, T G N (1897-1981)

Papers and diaries on service in Royal Navy during World War I and subsequent career as consultant on electrical and other power supplies, 1914-1975.

  • Restrictions

HALEY, Sir William John (1901-87)

Journalist, Editor of The Times, 1952-67; Director-General, BBC, 1944-52.
Diaries, 1922-86, correspondence, 1935-83, press-cuttings.

  • Restrictions

HALIFAX, 1st Earl of, Edward Frederick Lindley Wood (1881-1959)

Viceroy of India, 1926-31; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 1938-40; British Ambassador to Washington, 1941-6.
Microfilm of part of the Hickleton papers, now in Borthwick Institute, York; papers and printed notes including meetings with Gandhi, Feb-Mar 1931, and time in Washington.

HALL, Admiral Sir Reginald (1870-1943)

Conservative MP; Director of Intelligence Division, Admiralty War Staff, 1914-18.
Memoirs and papers, 1915-43, and additional papers, 1851-1911.

HALL, Christopher G L

Britain, America and the Search for Comprehensive Naval Limitation, 1927-36. PhD thesis for Oxford University 1982.

HAMBLIN, Grace, OBE (1908-2002)

Personal Secretary to Sir Winston Churchill, 1932-1938; Personal Secretary to Clementine Spencer-Churchill, 1939-1966; in charge of secretarial and financial affairs at Chartwell, 1945-1965; Administrator at Chartwell for the National Trust, 1965-1973.

HAMILTON, George Cecil Hans

Served in First World War at Khartoum and at Gallipoli and in Second World War in the RNVR planning the North Africa and Normandy landings.
Account of the Normandy landings, 1944.

HAMILTON, Mary Agnes, nee Adamson (1882-1966)

Writer; Labour MP, 1929-31; British Delegation, League of Nations, 1929; Royal Commission on Civil Service, 1929-31; B.B.C. Governor, 1933-37; Alderman, London County Council, 1937-40; temporary civil servant, 1940-1952.
Diaries, 1938-1945, personal papers, and printed copies of Hamilton’s published articles and talks.


Battery Commander, Royal Artillery.
Account of experiences in France and Belgium, 1940, and in Normandy, 1944.

HANKEY, Adeline Lady (nee de Smidt)

Wife of 1st Baron Hankey of the Chart.
Correspondence with Lord Hankey and other family members (original letters and transcripts), 1903-1940; photographs; diaries; sketch books; and other papers.

HANKEY, Maurice Pascal Alers Hankey, 1st Baron (1877-1963)

Secretary to the Committee of Imperial Defence, 1912-38, the War Cabinet, 1914-17, and the Cabinet, 1919-38.
Official and personal papers, 1890-1963.

HARDINGHAM, Sir Robert Ernest (1903-91)

Aeronautical Engineer; Chief Executive, Air Registration Board, 1947-68.
Correspondence and papers, 1921-91.

  • Restrictions

HARDY, Russell (c 1900-82)

Theatrical impresario.
Material relating to Hardy’s campaign for a National Churchill Day, including material on Second World War Resistance movements, c 1910-c 1991.

HARPER, Captain Geoffrey Coleridge (1894-1962)

Royal Navy, 1914-31 and 1939-48.
Diaries, photograph albums and some personal papers, c 1900-50.

HARPER, Vice-Admiral John Ernest Troyte (1874-1949)

Royal Navy, 1888-1927.
Papers relating to compilation of the official record of the Battle of Jutland, 1875-1982.

HART DYKE, Captain David, RN (b. 1938)

Captain of HMS Coventry.
Copy of Hart Dyke’s article “HMS Coventry in the Falklands Conflict – A Personal Story” and photocopies from the supplement to the London Gazette on the Falklands Task Force, 1982.

HARTLEY, Brigadier-General Sir Harold (1878-1972)

Chemist; Controller of Chemical Warfare, 1918-19; Government Adviser.
Personal, official and scientific papers, c1890-1978.

  • Restrictions

HARVIE-WATT, Sir George Stevens (1903-89)

Unionist MP, 1931-59, and Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Prime Minister, 1941-5.
Reports to Winston Churchill on political events.

HASTED, Major-General William Freke (1897-1977)

Royal Engineers; Controller of Development, Kuwait, 1952-4.
Business papers on Kuwait.

  • Restrictions


Trustee of Winston Churchill Foundation USA.
Royal decree authorising Duke of Marlborough to use the name and arms of Churchill, 1817, and further gifts relating to Sir Winston Churchill.

HAWTHORNE, Professor Sir William Rede (1913-2011)

Master of Churchill College, 1968-83; Professor of Applied Thermodynamics, 1951-80; Head of Department of Engineering, 1968-73.
Personal and professional papers, 1910-1999.

  • Restrictions

HAWTREY, Sir Ralph George (1879-1974)

Economics papers and correspondence, 1780-1974; taped interview with Sir Alex Cairncross.


Other material relating to Sir James and Agnes Headlam-Morley.

HEADLAM-MORLEY, Agnes (1902-1986)

Daughter of Sir James Headlam-Morley.  Fellow and Tutor in politics, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 1932-70; Montague Burton Professor of International Relations, Oxford University, 1948–71.
Papers 1915-82, including: literary notes and drafts, mainly relating to Sir James Headlam-Morley’s work at the Versailles Conference; academic papers, including research and lecture notes; notebooks on current affairs, particularly on Germany (especially the control of Berlin) and East-West relations.

HEADLAM-MORLEY, Sir James Wycliffe (1863-1929)

Member of War Propaganda Bureau (1914-1917); Assistant Director, Political Intelligence Bureau (1917-1918); Assistant Director, Political Intelligence Department (1918-1920); member of the Political Section of the British Delegation to the Versailles Conference; Historical Adviser to the Foreign Office (1920-29).
Includes: papers on First World War propaganda; papers from the Versailles Conference; papers from Headlam-Morley’s role as Historical Adviser to the Foreign Office; Board of Education papers; literary papers; correspondence; academic and political articles and lectures; personal papers.


Letter to Sir George Darwin on Antarctic expedition, 1909.


Invergordon papers, 1931.

HERBECQ, Sir John (1922-2021)

Civil servant: HM Treasury, 1950-60, 1962-68; Private Secretary to the Chairman of the UK Atomic Energy Authority, 1960-62; and Civil Service Department, 1968-81, latterly as Second Permanent Secretary, 1975-81.

HEWISH, Professor Antony (1924-2021)

Professor of Radio-Astronomy, University of Cambridge, 1971-89; Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge, 1962-.
Winner (joint) of Nobel Prize for physics, 1974.
Papers comprising pulsar discovery charts, lecture notes, laboratory notebooks and logbooks, and correspondence and memorabilia, mainly about the award of the Nobel Prize, 1949-2013.

HEWITT, Patricia Hope (b.1948)

Public Relations Officer, Age Concern (National Old People’s Welfare Council), 1971–73; Women’s Rights Officer, National Council for Civil Liberties, 1973–74, General Secretary 1974–83; Press and Broadcasting Secretary, 1983–88, Policy Co-ordinator, 1988–89, to Leader of Opposition, Neil Kinnock; Senior Research Fellow, 1989, Deputy Director, 1989–94, Institute for Public Policy Research; Head, then Director, of Research, Andersen Consulting, 1994–97. MP (Lab) Leicester W, 1997–2010. Economic Secretary to the Treasury, 1998–99; Minister of State, DTI, 1999–2001; Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, and Minister for Women, 2001–05; Secretary of State for Health, 2005–07.
Personal papers and correspondence.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued

HICKLING, Reginald Hugh (1920-2007)

Solicitor. Legal Adviser to High Commissioner, Aden and South Arabia, 1964-7.
Memoir on the last days of the British in South Arabia.

HILL-NORTON, Peter John, Baron Hill-Norton of South Nutfield (1915-2004)

Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel, 1967; Vice Chief of Naval Staff, 1967-69; Commander-in-Chief, Far East Command, 1969-70; First Sea Lord and Chief of the Naval Staff, 1970-71; Chief of the Defence Staff, 1971-73; Chairman of military committee of NATO, 1974-77.
Personal and official correspondence plus speeches and articles on defence and military issues and controversial political issues, 1968-2003.

HILL, Professor Archibald Vivian (1886-1977)

Physiologist; Independent MP, 1940-5.
Personal and scientific papers.

HILL, Sir John McGregor (1921-2008)

Physicist; Chairman, UK Atomic Energy Authority, 1967-81.
Scientific correspondence and papers, mainly on nuclear power, 1946-1994.

  • Restrictions


Coalmining engineer.
Copy of Hindson’s article in the Colliery Guardian, “The Future of Coalface Mechanization”, 1966.

HINTON OF BANKSIDE, Baron, Christopher Hinton (1901-83)

Engineer; Government adviser on atomic energy.
Lectures 1950s, 1960s; papers and autobiography.

  • Restrictions

HODSOLL, Wing Commander Sir John (1894-1971)

Assistant Secretary CID, 1929-35.
CID and Civil Defence papers, 1930-65.

  • Restrictions

HOOD, Rear-Admiral Sir Horace Lambert Alexander (1870-1916)

Naval and family papers, 1782-1959.

HOOKER, Sir Stanley George (1907-1984)

Copies of papers by Hooker on the historical development of gas turbines and jet propulsion, 1980.

HOPSON, Sir Donald Charles (1915-1974)

Soldier and diplomat.
Correspondence and papers, 1915-74.

HORABIN, Thomas (1896-1956)

Politician, MP Cornwall North, Liberal (1939-1947) and Labour (1947-1950).
Correspondence with Winston Churchill (1939-1953) and Clement Attlee (1947).

HORE-BELISHA, Isaac Leslie Hore-Belisha, 1st Baron (1893-1957)

Conservative MP; Minister of Transport, 1934-7; Secretary of State for War, 1937-40.
Letters and diaries, mainly relating to work as Minister of Transport and Secretary of State for War.

HORSBRUGH, Florence Horsbrugh, Baroness (1889-1969)

Conservative MP; Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health, 1939-45, and Ministry of Food, 1945; Minister of Education, 1951-4.
Press-cuttings, photographs and papers, mainly 1930-54.

HOSKIN, Dr Michael (1930-2021)

Fellow of Churchill College.
Typescript diary of the bombing of West London, 1944 and photograph of the nuclear submarine HMS Churchill.

HOSKYNS, Sir John Austin Hungerford Leigh (1927-2014)

Rifle Brigade, 1945-57 (Captain); IBM United Kingdom Ltd, 1957-64; founded John Hoskyns and Co. Ltd, later part of Hoskyns Group Ltd (Chairman and Managing Director), 1964-75; Head of Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, 1979-82; and Director-General, Institute of Directors, 1984-89.
Political papers, 1974-82.

HOWARD-JOHNSTON, Rear-Admiral Clarence Dinsmore (1903-1996)

Anti-submarine specialist.
Copies of letters on work as Director of the Anti-U-Boat Division (1943-5), and as captain of HMS Bermuda, with the British Pacific Fleet (1947).

HOWELL OF GUILDFORD, Baron David Arthur Russell (b.1936)

Conservative MP, Guildford, 1966–97. Secretary of State for Energy, 1979-81, and for Transport, 1981-83. Chairman: Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1987-97; House of Lords Sub-Committee on EC Foreign and Security Policy, 1999-2000; House of Lords Opposition spokesman on foreign affairs, 2000-; Deputy Leader of the Opposition, House of Lords, 2005-.
Political and foreign affairs papers.

  • Restrictions

HUBBACK, David Francis (1916-92)

Economist and Chairman of the Simon Population Trust.
Papers and correspondence relating to economic and population issues, 1956-1991.

HUGHES-HALLETT, Vice-Admiral John (1901-72)

Before I Forget memoir on Combined Operations, 1941-5.

HUGHES-HALLETT, Vice-Admiral Sir Charles (1898-1985)

Director of Administrative Plans and Joint Planning Staff, 1942-44; HMS Implacable, Aircraft Carrier Squadron in operations against Japan, 1944-46; Deputy Chief of Naval Air Equipment, 1946-48, Chief of Staff to Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet, 1950-51; Admiral, British Joint Services Mission, Washington, 1952-54.
Correspondence, reviews, naval reminiscences and narratives from Japanese prisoner of war camps, 1918-85.

HUGILL, John Antony Crawford (1916-87)

Member of 30 Assault Unit.
Five diaries describing Normandy invasion, 27 May-21 Sept 1944, as a member of Ian Fleming’s “Private Army”, plus other papers.

HUMPHREYS, Major-General George Charles (1899-1991)

Memoir of time as Brigadier in charge of Administration, Burma Command, 1946-8.

HURD, Sir Archibald (1869-1959)

Journalist and naval author.
Letters, press-cuttings, scrapbooks and published works, 1893-1956.

HURREN, Bernard J

Notes and unpublished biography of Sir Barnes Wallis; and The British Aircraft Industry 1939 produced by Society of British Aircraft Constructors.

HUTCHISON, Sir (William) Kenneth (1903-89)

Chemical Engineer; Chairman, South Eastern Gas Board, 1948-59; Deputy Chairman of the Gas Council, 1960-6.
Papers, mainly on the production of autobiography, High Speed Gas, 1987.

HUTTON, Professor Robert S. (1876-1970) and Mrs S.

Papers relating to their work for European refugee children in Cambridge and adult aliens during World War II.

  • Restrictions

HYDE, Harford Montgomery (1907-89)

Research materials for The Quiet Canadian, (a biography of Sir William Stephenson, Director of British Security Co-ordination in the Western Hemisphere, 1940-46); Cynthia (biography of the British agent Elizabeth (Pack) Brousse); and Secret Intelligence Agent. Also papers and letters relating to Censorship and Security in Gibraltar, Bermuda and the USA during WW2. 1921-1985.

  • Restrictions

HYND, John Burns (1902-71)

Labour MP; Minister for Germany and Austria, 1945-7.
Personal, political and family papers, 1920-86.


INFORMATION, Ministry of

Leaflet for evacuees from France, 1940.

INGHAM, Sir Bernard (1932-2023)

Reporter, 1948- 67; Press and Public Relations Adviser, NBPI, 1967-68; Chief Information Officer, DEP, 1968-73; Director of Information: Department of Employment, 1973; Department of Energy, 1974-77; Under Secretary, Energy Conservation Division, Department of Energy, 1978-79; Chief Press Secretary to Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher), 1979-90, and Head, Government Information Service, 1989-90.
Papers relating to his Government career as a press office, some material dating from mid-late 1970s, but vast majority of papers relate to his time at No 10 Downing Street under Margaret Thatcher, 1979-90, including copies of Press Office Bulletins and Lobby Briefing notes.

  • Restrictions
  • Uncatalogued
  • INGH 79 archive boxes

INGRAMS, William Harold (1897-1975)

Papers as Assistant Secretary of the Allied Control Commission (British Element) in Germany, 1945-7.


Correspondence, 1847.


Report on a visit to Italy to study position of Communism, 1951, author unknown.

IVANENKO, Professor D

Photographs of prominent physicists, 1934-61.

IVE, Ruth (c 1920-2017)

Radio Department of Postal and Telegraph Censorship Service.
Autobiographical account of her work during World War II including monitoring high-level correspondence on the transatlantic cable.

IVERMEE, Lieutenant R W A

Royal Flying Corps/ Royal Air Force.
Photographs of surrender of the German Fleet, and intervention in North Russia 1918-19.

IZZARD, Lieutenant-Commander Ralph

Papers of Forward Interrogation Unit during World War II, 1944-6.


JACKSON, Sir Geoffrey (1915-87)

Diplomat. Ambassador to Uruguay, 1969-72.
Papers concerning his diplomatic career and publications, in particular his kidnapping by terrorists in Uruguay in 1971.

  • Restrictions

JACOB, Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Ian Claud (1899-1993)

Military Assistant Secretary to the War Cabinet, 1939-46; Director-General of the BBC, 1952-60. Diaries, correspondence and papers, 1899-1993. Also included are some Boer War papers which were kept by Jacob’s father-in-law.

JACOBS, Isobella Sara

German refugee.
Aliens and registration papers, World War I, Restitution.

JAMES, Wing Commander Sir Archibald William Henry (1893-1980)

Memoirs of the RFC, 1931-6, and reminiscences of acquaintances.

JAMESON, (Margaret) Storm (1891-1986)

Five letters from Basil Liddell Hart, 1943-68; diary of a visit to Poland, September 1945.

JAY, Margaret Christian (Peggy) (1913-2008)

Politician and campaigner.
Papers, 1915-2007.

JAY, Peter (b.1937)

Economist and journalist. HM Treasury, 1961-7; Economics Editor, The Times, 1967-77; Presenter, Weekend World, 1972-7; Presenter, The Jay Interview, 1975-6; British Ambassador to the United States, 1977-9; Director, Economist Intelligence Unit, 1979-83; Chairman and Chief Executive, TV-am Ltd, 1980-3; Presenter, A Week in Politics, 1983-6; Chief of Staff to Robert Maxwell, 1986-9; Economics and Business Editor, BBC, 1990-2001.
Papers, 1947-2008.

JENKIN OF RODING, Baron Charles Patrick Fleeming Jenkin (1926-2016)

Conservative MP for Wanstead and Woodford, 1964-87; Financial Secretary to the Treasury, 1970-72; Chief Secretary to the Treasury, 1972-74; Minister for Energy, 1974; Secretary of State for Social Services, 1979-81, for Industry, 1981-83, and for the Environment, 1983-85.
Personal and political papers, correspondence, engagement diaries, speeches; press cuttings and memorabilia etc.

  • Uncatalogued

JENKINS, Kate (b. 1945)

Assistant Principal, 1968, Principal, 1973, Department of Employment; Central Policy Review Staff, Cabinet Office, 1976; Assistant Secretary, Department of Employment, 1979; Deputy Head of Efficiency Unit, 1984; Director, Prime Minister’s Efficiency Unit, and Under Secretary., Cabinet Office, 1986-89; Director, Personnel, Royal Mail, 1989-91; and Chair, Kate Jenkins Associates, 1991-2008.
Papers on “Next Steps” and related initiatives.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued
  • KJEN 12 boxes

JEPHSON, Patrick (b.1956)

Equerry to Diana, Princess of Wales, 1988-90; Private Secretary to Diana, Princess of Wales, 1991-96.

  • Fully closed
  • JEPH 32 boxes


Other material relating to Reginald Victor Jones


Articles on Scott of the Antarctic and allied subjects.

JONES, Aubrey (1911-2003)

Unionist MP; Minister of Fuel and Power, 1955-7, and Minister of Supply, 1957-9; Chairman of Prices and Incomes Board, 1965-70.
Papers, press-cuttings and diaries.

  • Restrictions
  • Uncatalogued

JONES, Reginald Victor (1911-1998)

Scientific Officer, Air Ministry, 1936; Assistant Director of Intelligence, 1941; Director of Intelligence, 1946; Director of Scientific Intelligence, Ministry of Defence, 1952-3; Professor of Natural Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, 1946-1981.
Papers, 1911-1998.
At present, only part of the catalogue is available on ArchiveSearch; the full catalogue is available either as the attached PDF, or on the National Archives Discovery catalogue here.

JONES, Sydney (1911-90)

Papers on the conformable wheel, 1980-90.

JOWELL, Dame Tessa Jane Helen Douglas, Baroness Jowell (1947-2018)

Papers and correspondence.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued


KAPITZA, Piotr Leonidovich (1894-1984)

Soviet scientist.
Papers, offprints collected by Professor David Shoenberg in writing his Royal Society obituary of Kapitza.

KARSH, Yousuf (1908-2002)

Portrait photographer.
Prints of Karsh’s portraits of Sir Winston Churchill, Ernest Bevin, Baroness Thatcher and Sir John Major, 1941-91.

KAUFMAN, Sir Gerald Bernard (1930-2017)

Politician: Labour Member of Parliament, 1970-date; Minister, Department of Environment, 1974-5; Minister, Department of Industry, 1975-9; Shadow Environment Secretary, 1980-3; Shadow Home Secretary, 1983-7; Shadow Foreign Secretary, 1983-7; Chairman, Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport [formerly Select Committee on National Heritage], 1992-2005.
Pocket diaries and a notebook, 1954-2003.

KEIGHTLEY, General Sir Charles (1901-74)

Papers relating to various commands during World War Two and in 1950s (including Suez); Governor General of Gibraltar, 1958-62.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued
  • KGLY 11 crates

KELLY, Professor Anthony (1929-2014)

Materials Scientist and founding Fellow of Churchill College.
Personal and professional papers.

  • Fully closed

KELLY, Richard Denis Lucien (1916-1990)

Lawyer and Assistant to Sir Winston Churchill.
Papers 1937-92, including his memoirs concerning his service as literary assistant to Sir Winston Churchill.

KEMMER, Professor Nicholas (1911-1998)

Professor of Mathematical Physics, Edinburgh University, 1953-79.
Personal and scientific papers, 1938-1988.

KENDALL, Professor David George (1918-2007)

Professor of Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College.
Various papers.

KENNEDY, Aubrey Leo (1885-1965)

Diplomatic correspondent of The Times.
Journals mainly from Berlin, Geneva and London, 1919-46, and press-cuttings, 1923-41.

KENNET, Wayland Hilton Young, 2nd Baron Kennet (1923-2009)

Royal Navy, 1942-45; Foreign Office, 1946-47 and 1949-51; journalist, 1953-64; delegate, Western European Union and Council of Europe, 1962-65; Parliamentary Secretary. Ministry of Housing, 1966-70; Lords spokesman on foreign affairs/science policy, 1971-74; SDP Chief Whip in the Lords, 1981-83, and SDP spokesman on foreign policy, 1981-90; MEP, 1978-9, NATO, 1997-99.
Personal, political and literary papers.

  • Fully closed
  • Uncatalogued

KENNEY, Rowland (1882-1961), and KENNEY, Kit (1913-1988)

Official papers, correspondence and notebooks mainly about Norway and Finland.

KEYNES, Professor Richard Darwin (1919-2010)

Professor of Physiology, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Churchill College.
Correspondence, 1950s-2000s, with some papers relating to the Anti-Submarine Experimental Establishment (1942) and naval radar research (1944-45); volumes of notes on experiments, 1947-79; research papers and data files, late 1970s-1990s.

  • Uncatalogued

KILMUIR, David Maxwell Fyfe, 1st Earl of (1900-67)

Conservative MP; Solicitor General, 1942-5; Attorney-General, 1945; Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Nuremberg Trials, 1945-6; Home Secretary, 1951-4; Lord Chancellor, 1954-62.
Personal and political papers, 1907-67.
See also MISC 106.

  • Restrictions

KIMBER, Charles Thorley (b.1912)

Royal Air Force, 1928-56.
Papers comprising a scrapbook and photocopies of a flying log book and a desk diary, 1928-83.

KING-HALL, William Stephen Richard, Baron (1893-1966)

Naval officer, politician, writer and broadcaster. Founder of the King-Hall Newsletter, 1936, and of the Hansard Society for Parliamentary Democracy, 1944.
Personal papers and correspondence.

KINGSLAND, Christopher James Prout, Baron (1942-2009)

Called to the Bar, Middle Temple, 1972 (Bencher, 1996; Master of the Garden, 1999); an Assistant Recorder, Wales and Chester Circuit, 1997-99. MEP (C) Shropshire and Stafford, 1979-94; Leader, British Conservative MEPs, 1987-94; Deputy Whip, 1979-82, Chief Whip, 1983-8; Chairman and leader, 1987-92, EDG; Vice Chairman., European People’s Party Parliamentary Group, 1992-94.
Political papers.

  • Restrictions

KINNA, Patrick Francis (1913-2009)

Stenographer to Winston Churchill during the Second World War.
Papers, photographs and memorabilia.


Transcribed interviews with Neil Kinnock and political contemporaries for a 1993 London Weekend Television Documentary about Neil Kinnock and material relating to Kinnock’s biography by Martin Westlake and Ian St John.

  • KNNK AS 5 boxes