Online exhibitions, podcasts and more

We publish dedicated online exhibitions, as well as records from physical exhibitions either held at the Archives Centre, elsewhere in the College, or when we loan material to other institutions.

This page also lists all our secondary (eg non-Collection) content that doesn’t fit in any of our other Online Resources categories, such as podcasts from members of the Archives team and our educational resources.

Online exhibitions

Our most recent online exhibitions are hosted on our separate stories site, but each exhibition there is also described below.

Hidden Voices: in the archives: This 2023 exhibition marks our second collaboration with Anglia Ruskin University.  Second-year History students worked in groups to find “hidden voices” in our archives, the rich inner worlds of people who have not traditionally been centred in historical narratives.

Student Photography at Churchill College: In Michaelmas Term of 2022, the Archives Centre held a competition for photographs of Churchill College curated by current undergraduates and postgraduates.

Listening in: An exhibition about everyday experiences of science and technology, created for History Day 2022.

50 Years of Women at Churchill: October 2022 was the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first women undergraduate students at Churchill College. Churchill was the first Cambridge men’s College to admit women and this is the story behind that historic decision.

The Boat Club and the Canon: A celebration of Churchill College Boat Club and the role played by Canon Noel Duckworth, the College’s first chaplain and avid amateur rower.

Keeping and making diaries: An exhibition on historical sources and perspectives, put together by students at Anglia Ruskin University from Archives Centre resources.

The Architecture of Churchill College: An exhibition on the origins of Churchill College’s architecture.

The Archive of Robert Edwards (IVF pioneer): In this exhibition we have picked out some themes and aspects of Robert Edwards’ life and work which are evidenced in the archive.

“Marples Must Go!”: the controversial life and career of Ernest Marples: Alfred Ernest Marples (1907-78) is the figure behind our latest collection to be catalogued and opened to researchers.

Davidson Nicol: A man of many careers: To celebrate Black History Month in Oct 2020 staff at Churchill Archives Centre explored the papers of Davidson Nicol (1924-1994).

I Was Myself: the archive of Peggy Jay: Peggy Jay, née Garnett, (1913-2008) was a politician and campaigner, particularly influential in the areas of healthcare, child welfare, and disability rights.

One Series, Eight Volumes, Two Treatments: Treating a series of photo albums with leather or with Japanese paper.

Rosalind Franklin and her work on the structure of viruses: An online exhibition to mark the centenary of Rosalind Franklin’s birth on the 25 July 2020.

100 years on: The end of the First World War: Display from 2018’s Roskill Lecture.

Churchill and the Great Republic interactive exhibition (external): This exhibition examines the life of Winston Churchill and his lifelong links with the United States—the nation he called “the great Republic.”

Churchill’s Shakespeare (external): A major exhibition at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington which explores the influence of Shakespeare on Churchill’s writing and ideas.

Turning the pages of women’s scrapbooks: The scrapbooks of Florence Horsbrugh, Adeline Hankey and Theodosia Cadogan.

Uphill All the Way: A Century of Women in Parliament: An exhibition to mark the centenary of the Act which allowed women to stand as MPs.

Lise Meitner – Celebrating a scientist who never lost her humanity: One-day symposium in January 2019 celebrating the pioneering female scientist who  helped to discover nuclear fission.


All our podcasts are hosted on the Churchill College SoundCloud, which is where we also host selections of audio content from our collections.


Churchill’s Soundscribers: What happened when Churchill encountered a high-tech recording system in the 1940s? (Clue: it didn’t go well). Listen to him at home as you’ve never heard him before, wrestling with the technology (sound familiar?) and learn how these unique recordings came to be made and heard today.

Churchill Archives Centre History Day 2021 Podcast: the urban environment: In this special History Day 2021 podcast, we delve into our social science collections here at Churchill Archives Centre to explore what they can tell us about the urban environment in 1950s London.

Churchill Archives Centre Podcast: Who is Our Conservator?: Listen to this interview with our Senior Conservator, Sarah Lewery, who has been preserving the collections for more than 20 years.

Other material

The Churchill Era: an educational resource: Access a few of our unique holdings, and gain insight into some of the great events that shaped the modern world from WWI to the build up to WWII. Chiefly designed with exercises for use by schools in England and Wales, and relates to the GCE history curriculum for A’ and AS level.

Churchill, Empire and Race: A year-long programme of events to engage with the facts surrounding Sir Winston Churchill’s words, views and actions relating to empire and race.