Exercise 3: Document Analysis and Simulation

Follow the links to these documents, then return to this page for our question section.



  1. What was the argument between Churchill and Fisher about?
  2. Look at the language, tone, style and handwriting of Fisher’s letter of 5th April 1915. What do these suggest about Fisher’s character and his relationship with Churchill?
  3. Draft a short reply that Churchill might have sent to Fisher’s letter of 5th April, commenting specifically on the Dardanelles. When you have done this, look at Churchill’s note of 8 April to see what he actually wrote to Fisher.
  4. What evidence is contained in these documents of the seriousness of the split between Churchill and Fisher?
  5. To what extent do these documents support or challenge Churchill’s version of events in
    a) his speech to the House of Commons?
    b) his memorandum?