Document B

Quintin Hogg’s election address, October 1938 (with his own crossings-out)


Copyright Churchill College. Reference: Hailsham Papers, HLSM 2/43/1/2

“… Do not, I beg of you, make the mistake of some of our critics, and confuse a policy of conciliation with a policy of weakness. We have been very near to war in the past few weeks, and we have been prepared to fight. We will never submit to the dictation of other powers, and Mr Chamberlain knew how to speak firmly plainly to Herr Hitler when the need time for plain-speaking came. But it must never be said that we fought in a cause which was not wholly just or that we struck or even threatened to strike while there was still a hope of peace, or that we refused to hold out the hand of friendship while there was even a possibility of its being grasped in good faith. “Peace with honour” is has always been the a watchword of the Party of which I am a member. …”