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Archives staff should be notified of intention to publish or quote from any document in the Archives Centre, and will be able to advise on the correct form of acknowledgement.


Under the 1988 Copyright Act, the copyright in unpublished material lasts for 70 years from the death of the author or from the end of 1989, whichever is the later. Different rules apply for Crown copyright material but the majority of the material in the Archives Centre’s collections falls within the copyright laws.

The responsibility for obtaining the copyright holder’s written permission to publish material from any collection in the Archives Centre rests with the researcher although the Director may be able to advise on this.

In the case of collections where copyright is the property of Churchill College, a copyright fee may be charged for the commercial use of material from those collections.

Guidelines for Media Users

The Archives Centre exists primarily as a research library. It is not a commercial organisation, and cannot provide a dedicated research or supply service for the media.

Media companies are strongly advised to make contact with the Churchill Archives Centre at an early stage in their project so that the Centre’s working practices and procedures can be explained.

Media companies are strongly advised to send a researcher to identify material that the media company may want copied. The Archives Centre cannot undertake to do lengthy or complicated research in the original files for the media company. The Archives Centre may agree to undertake simple searches but will charge £50 per hour or part thereof.

Material can only be copied (whether scan or photograph) under the terms of our existing reprographics service. Media companies should allow at least 20 working days from submission of written order to supply. Material is normally supplied for private research only in accordance with the terms of the 1988 Copyright Act. Media companies obtaining copies for publication or broadcast will be required to show that they have obtained permission from the relevant copyright holder(s) prior to supply.


The Centre can be contacted via email:

Email the Churchill Archives Centre

For further information, see the Centre’s Media Policy.