The Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust

Charity Number: 1045646

The Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust has recently taken possession of some additional papers belonging to the late Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965), which were formerly in the possession of the Churchill biographer, the late Rt. Hon. Sir Martin Gilbert (1936-2015). These have now been deposited in the Churchill Archives Centre where they are in the process of being conserved and catalogued and will be opened in due course. These additional papers will be kept as a discrete class of the Churchill Papers collection, making it easier for researchers to see what is new, but where possible they will be cross referenced to those related materials within the existing collection with which they may originally have been associated.

The material comprises 26 archive boxes containing individual documents drawn from all classes of the Churchill Papers collection and all parts of Churchill’s life and career. A full listing will be published after cataloguing. The Archives Centre will be happy to try and answer individual queries.

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